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How do you share your story with the world? How do you engage and motivate people to give? A photographer skilled in the art of visual storytelling can change everything. Meaning increased funding, engagement, and success.

We all can do something to make this world a better place.

Behind The Lens | Lee Bartran Photography | Humanitarian & Non-Profit Photographer | Visual Storyteller

Behind The Lens

I’m Lee….a Colorado native, single mom to seven, deep-thinking introvert who loves travel and photography. And I’ve been there.

Having spent 10 years running my own non-profit, I understand that journey. The challenges, the heartache and the joy. It takes a special kind of person to run an NGO…. a dedication that goes far beyond the typical 8-5. I also understand what it takes to make it successful.

Lee’s understanding of the non-profit world along with being a talented photographer is a rare and powerful combination. Her ability to quickly see how a story can be told while on assignment, made for efficient use of our time together. Her friendliness, dedication and hard working attitude made it such a pleasure to work with her.
— Dalitso Chiwayula, Executive Director for Chipembere Development Foundation

You know your heart, and you know the possibilities for change

Your story just needs to be heard.