Everyone deserves a roof.....


As I sat down next to her, taking in the surroundings, a shy smile came across her face and she began sharing her story....... and we instantly connected. “I am a single mom with five children at home. My husband left me five years ago, and this is my home. It is very difficult to provide for my children now. 


My roof is a problem......as when it rains we get water in our house. We have to then take everything outside to dry”. And then she paused..... looked away...... as her mind took her to another place.

 Her daughter came from behind, supporting her as she continued her story....and I listened to her life. She has no running water, no electricity or plumbing, grows her own food and anywhere she needs to go she goes on foot. 

I asked how much would it cost to get her a sheet metal roof, one where it would not leak and her family would be able to stay dry. He quickly pulled out his phone and calculated for me in US dollars...”$133.33”, he said “but she can never afford it”. The Gross National Income in Malawi is less than $1200 US per year....so how could she give up a months wages just to have a roof. 


On my return to the US, I will be setting up a fund if you feel inspired to help in any way. .

Lee Bartran